Cultural Capital

Cultural capital is the essential knowledge that children need to prepare them for their future success. It is about giving children the best possible education in order to widen their experiences and aspirations. 

It is important to recognise that everyone has cultural capital - knowledge, skills and behaviours - and that these accumulate over time through many different experiences and opportunities. 

Every child who comes to Ravensmead Primary school will have their own knowledge and experiences that link to their culture and wider family. This might include-languages, beliefs, interests, work and travel. 

Cultural capital is understood to contribute to success in life, for example, being able to perform well in school, knowing how to talk in different social groups or societies, accessing higher education and being successful in work or a career. 

We plan to provide our children with experiences, visits, visitors and support in order to….. 

Take a look at the photographs that show an example of the wide opportunities and events our pupils experience in whilst they are part of Ravensmead Primary School. 

Assembly conducted by a Police Officer and his Police dog

Fun in the Snow

A tour of the Houses of Parliament

Beauty and the Beast theatre visit in school

Borrowing books from our local library

A visit to Cadbury World                                  Visiting the Natural History Museum                        World Mental Health Day


County cricket championships

        Church services

Lego Room visits

Walking around Audley

Exploring local area

Experiencing a live orchestra performance - The Halle Orchestra

Visiting Chester Zoo

A fantastic visit to London

Workshops with Pep the Poet

Supporting our local food bank

Young Voices - The largest school choir in the world

Planning and running charity events

Visit to the local library

Sporting Achievements

More library visits

Always Club -weekly nominations for our pupils who ALWAYS follow the rules! 

Guitar lessons 

Learning about Healthy Relationships and RSE - GLOW come into Y6 

Celebrating the Platinum Jubilee

Liverpool World Museum-Ancient Egypt Topic

So proud to support CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young)

Year 4 Residential

 Christmas raffle fundraiser

Visiting the Cenotaph

Healthy Eating Workshops

Receiving our Defibrillator

in Loving Memory of Mrs Benson

Raising Money with a Cake Sale

Representing the School at the Remembrance Parade in Audley

Loving Lego Club

School Council Remembering the Pit Disaster

Visit from our MP Aaron Bell

Two minute silence in Nursery after learning about the importance of poppies and remembering brave soldiers

School council delivered the harvest hamper and sang some hymns to the residents of Wilbraham House

Year 5 and 6 visited the Dewa Roman Museum to learn about the Romans in Britain

 Tasting a local food dish as part of The Potteries topic

Y6 applying for key roles in the school

Art and craft club  - Designing and making pictures frames

Art and craft club - Designing and making pictures frames

Fun at Forest School

Fun at Forest School

Making Remembrance Day biscuits

Sign Language Club

Making marks to music, the children were learning how to be expressive

Learning about the local area and its history

Dressing up and learning a dance on India day as part of our topic

Visit to Peak Wildlife Park

 Ballroom Dance Lessons for the Platinum Jubilee

            STEM Workshops 

                 World Book Day

Books and Biscuits

A trip to The New Vic theatre.