School Meals

Entrust Edwards and Ward Welcome Letter.pdf

Lunch information letter for September 2023

Free School Meals

The more eligible parents who claim meals, the more funding the school receives so even if you don’t want your children to have the meals, claiming them helps the school.

A new self checking service has been introduced which gives an instant answer to your entitlement.

This online service enables parents (or whoever you agree to do this on your behalf) to apply by inputting all of the same details as previously completed on the paper forms, but the system will then automatically check with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to see if you’re entitled.

You will then be given an instant decision and any successful application will be forwarded to the Free School Meals Entitlement Team to set up on the system and advise the school.

The link to the self checking application form can be found at 

If you would like us to complete the online application for you, please print and complete our free school meals application form and hand it to the office in confidence.

Pupil Premium letter

Lunch Menus

Meals are £2.70, which includes a choice of main-course, vegetables and sweet, with a drink. A vegetarian option and jacket potatoes are available daily. All meals are paid for online via ParentPay.

There are facilities for children to eat sandwiches in the dining hall at the same time as the hot meals are served.


Download our latest lunch menus below.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Edwards and Ward - Special Diets Flyer.pdf
Medical Diets Flyer - 07-23.pdf

Playtime Snacks

Key Stage One pupils are part of the Fruit for School Scheme, and therefore are provided with fruit free of charge.

Key Stage Two children may purchase fruit and healthy snacks during the morning break session, at cost price, provided by Entrust.

Pupils are discouraged from bringing other snacks into school but may bring fruit from home for their playtime snack.

Water Bottles

Children are all encouraged to bring a water bottle in to school each day filled with water only. 

Children should take the water bottle home each night to be cleaned and replenished for the next day.