Computing Co-ordinator: Mrs C. Burrows

Link Governor: Mr W. Webb

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Early Years Foundation Stage

All areas of the curriculum are addressed through the Seven Areas of Learning in the Foundation Stage. This is implemented by planning in a cross curricular approach, allowing children to either access them as a child initiated activity or an adult led activity.

Computing Curriculum – Years 1-6

We have a cross curricular curriculum approach at Ravensmead, Computing therefore is fully integrated into the other areas of the curriculum. Pupils have access to a wide variety of computing hardware, including networked computers and iPads.

The Computing curriculum incorporates Information Communication Technology, Programming and a heavy weighting for e-safety, including online safety. All aspects, including E-Safety and online safety, are taught as specific lessons, following long term plans and units of work that build on skills each year. Online Safety is also given importance through assemblies during the year, often supported by and partially led by our link governor. This work is supported by strong governor links and also through parental involvement through workshops and literature.

We also take opportunities to invite theatre groups and workshops into school to support learning about Online Safety issues.

Pupil voice is given through our website, which as a section developed by our ‘Roving Reporters’, who also champion computing in the school and publish weekly to the website. Pupils have also helped to develop ‘Our Computer Rules’ which were adopted by the school.


During this Academic Year, Ravensmead will continue to follow the ENTRUST schemes of work for computing and continue to develop its assessment and recording practices in partnership with ENTRUST.

The assessment of pupils learning during the lessons continues to be vital to ensure adequate provision and progression. It is recorded on the Computing Trackers for all areas, including E-Safety. Outcomes are then is analysed for trends and to support the planning for individual children and to improve overall outcomes in computing.

Progression of skills

Interactive Computing Skills Progressions with Planning Links2021-2024 - Overview of Units.pdf

Computing Long Term Plan

Long Term Plan Computing.pdf
New - Our Computing Rules.pdf