All pupils are required to attend school appropriately dressed and for the assistance of parents we have adopted guidelines on uniform.

We strongly urge parents to see that all children come to school wearing the school uniform. Within the colour range and style outlined parents are free to obtain the uniform from any source.

A uniform selected by a poll of parents is now recommended. It consists of:-

Most tops can be ordered with the school logo.

P.E. kit

Games and P.E. kit consist of:-

For outdoor activities pumps/trainers are needed.All articles should be named and maintained in clean condition and be kept in the child’s own pump bag which should be provided by the parents. All children selected for school team activities will be provided with the appropriate kit, apart from, footwear and shin pads, where applicable.

For P.E. and Games, hair should be tied back using elastic bands, scrunchies or ribbon. Bobbles, hairgrips or hard hair bands are not permitted.

Parents should note that we have a policy on the wearing of jewellery. During games and other physical activities the wearing of jewellery is prohibited for safety reasons.

FAB Friday

On Fridays we ask children to wear a T Shirt in their team colour (Smart uniform will supply them with the school's logo on), dark-coloured tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

School Uniform Policy .pdf

Jewellery in School

By jewellery we mean; finger rings, ear-rings (including sleepers), bracelets, brooches, necklaces, medallions and lockets, and watches.

It is strongly recommended that children do not wear items of jewellery, other than wrist watches to school and parents should note that the school will not take responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, any item of jewellery. Children will not be permitted to take part in games, P.E. or swimming if they are wearing jewellery. Should such items be lost the school cannot be held responsible.

Staff will not remove sleepers for P.E., Games or Swimming activities. Either the children themselves should remove them or parents may visit school to do so. If this is not possible parents must write to the school giving permission for their child to participate in lessons by covering the stud with tape/plaster.

Our local recommended retailer

Smart School Uniform,
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Newcastle under Lyme,

Customer Enquiries: 01782 713650

Email: shop@smartuniform.co.uk

Website: smartuniform.co.uk 

Smart School Uniform are open for collections every day Monday - Saturday between 9.00am and 5.00pm.